Department of Psychiatry
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Inpatient Psychiatric Unit is organized on the basis of the hospital's Lower Silesian Center for Mental Health in Wrocław at 25 Kraszewskiego Street.

It is a diagnostic and therapeutic department with 32 beds, with male and female divisions. It conducts diagnostics and treatment of patients with mental disorders, especially those who have had diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties in the current therapeutic procedure, including those resistant to previously used treatment. The patients are admitted to the department over the age of 18, requiring psychiatric hospitalization.

The full psychiatric diagnostics regarding mental disorders includes:
- psychiatric examination,
- general health examination,
- neurological examination,
- psychological examination,
- a full range of additional tests: laboratory diagnostics, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, EEG, X-ray, genetic tests.

From the health indications, at the request of the attending physician, it is possible to perform other necessary specialist tests based on cooperation with various specialized medical units.

Biological treatment
It is run as recommended by a psychiatrist according to the individual needs of the patient and includes:
- pharmacological treatment, taking into account current standards,
- electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) - are performed by specialist psychiatrists assisted by an anesthesiologist specialist in compliance with safety standards (anesthesiologist performs anesthesia for the procedure, the treatment room is equipped with modern medical equipment).

Psychotherapy and sociotherapy
- individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy,
- psychoeducation for patients and their families,
- sociotherapy, music therapy, art therapy and others,
- physical activity,
- social worker's care.

As a part of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Training of Wroclaw Medical University the branch offers classes in the field of psychiatry and clinical psychology for students of the 5th and 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine and students of the English Division of the UMW.
There is also postgraduate didactics in the field of psychiatry. It is carried out in the form of specializations and clinical internships in psychiatry for resident doctors specializing in psychiatry and neurology as well as specialization courses.

Medical staff
- Head of Clinic of Psychiatry: prof. dr hab. n. med. Joanna Rymaszewska, specialist psychiatrist
- Head of th ward: dr n. med. Jan Aleksander Beszłej, specialist psychiatrist, psychotherapist and supervisor of psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association and psychodynamic psychotherapy of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
- dr n. med. Magdalena Grzesiak, specialist psychiatrist
- dr n. med. Patryk Piotrowski, specialist psychiatrist, specialist in community psychiatry, public health specialist
- lek. Agnieszka Cyran, specialist psychiatrist, family doctor
- lek. Damian Siwicki, resident doctor during specialization

Clinical psychologist
dr n. med. Renata Wallner, specialist clinical psychologist

Head Nurse
mgr Agata Kościelska