Department of Psychiatry
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The Day-Care Psychiatric Unit at the Clinic of Psychiatry of the Medical University in Wrocław operates within the organizational structure of the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Wrocław and is located in the building of the Department of Psychiatry of the WMU at wybrzeże Pasteura 10.
The department provides medical services in the field of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation addressed to adults with the following mental problems:
- psychotic disorders (schizophrenia),
mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder),
- neurotic disorder
- adaptation and personality problems,
- cognitive impairment of various etiologies.
Rules for admitting a patient to the Ward
Patients are admitted to the Ward on the basis of a referral issued by a psychiatrist or a doctor of another specialty. In order to assess the indications for admission to the department, consultation with Dr. Monika Kantorska-Janiec, Deputy Head of Department, is required.
The qualifying visit to the ward takes place as part of the Clinical Mental Health Clinic. The date of the visit should be set at registration by phone: +48 71 784 16 10.
Rules and course of therapy
Therapy in the Ward is reimbursed by the National Health Fund and lasts, depending on therapeutic indications, up to 2 months. It is based on the cooperation of specialists in the field of psychiatry, psychologists, occupational therapists and qualified nurses. It includes psychiatric and general medical diagnostics as well as pharmacological treatment and psycho-socio-therapeutic, individual and group interactions.
Each patient is under the care of a specialist psychiatrist who determines the course of pharmacological treatment. Once a week there is a medical visit, during which the patient is consulted by the entire therapeutic team.
The condition of staying in the Ward is acceptance and compliance with the therapeutic contract, i.e. taking medications in accordance with the ordinance, presence in therapeutic classes and readiness to talk about yourself and listen to others, as well as involvement in the organizational matters of the Ward in accordance with the adopted regulations with which the patient get acquainted on the day of the party.
You don't have to prepare for classes. Their basic assumption is spontaneity of speaking within the framework of therapy principles. Classes are held every day on business days from 8:00 to 13:00.
Treatment methods
Drug treatment is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the psychiatrist, according to the individual needs of the patient, taking into account current medical standards.
Psychotherapy and sociotherapy constitute a significant part of therapeutic interventions in the Ward and include:
- group psychotherapy,
- individual therapy,
- family therapy,
- rehabilitation classes aimed at improving cognitive functions for people with cognitive impairment,
- psychoeducation for patients and their families,
- music therapy, choreotherapy, art therapy, garden therapy, relaxation and others.
Group therapy is conducted in the behavioral-cognitive concept, oriented on the practical exercise of specific interpersonal skills. The meetings take place in groups of about 20 people and are open, which means that new patients join the group instead of people discharged from the ward.
Individual therapy is focused on individual patient's problems.
Patients' Participation in therapy means an active work aimed at:
- building and maintaining interpersonal relationships,
- strengthening self-esteem,
- strengthening individual resources to cope with illness and personal problems,
- learning new strategies to deal with difficult life situations and
  negative emotions
- training psychological skills, such as expression of emotions, coping with stress, learning assertiveness, etc.,
- broadly understood activation,
- intellectual and cultural development.
We encourage participants of the therapy to actively work on their own, making a personal effort to improve the health condition.
The institution has a scientific and educational character. In addition to clinical work there are clinical classes in the field of psychiatry for students of the 5th and 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine and the English Division. There is also postgraduate medical training in the field of psychiatry, carried out in the form of specializations and clinical internships for resident doctors, doctors specializing in psychiatry and neurology, and psychologists. Students can therefore participate in some therapeutic classes. The patients are also invited to talk to students.
Head of Department
prof. dr hab. n. med. Joanna Rymaszewska, specialist psychiatrist
Monika Kantorska-Janiec, MD, specialist psychiatrist