Department of Psychiatry
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Anxiety Disorders Day-Care Unit

The Daytime Ward of Neurosis Treatment at the Psychiatry Clinic of the Medical University of Wrocław specializes in the treatment of:

- neurotic disorders,

- personality disorder,

- psychogenic depression

- disorders in the somatic form,

- some behavioral disorders (bulimia, mild stage of anorexia, secondary sleep disorders).

Treatment methods

The basic method of treatment is group psychotherapy conducted in a psychodynamic model. The theoretical foundations of this psychotherapy are derived from attachment theory, object relationship theory and psychoanalysis. Its basic assumption is that psychopathological symptoms are derived from unconscious mental processes and signal difficulties in terms of mental structure and relationality.

Therapy takes place in groups which consist of 10-15 people, lasts from 12 to 13 weeks and is conducted by qualified psychotherapists. Classes take place every day on working days during working hours. The groups are closed, which means that all patients begin and end therapy at the same time. This allows you to get to know each other well and achieve the trust you need to share your personal affairs.

The groups are attended by people with various disorders, but always within the department's competence. Patients with psychotic disorders, addictions to psychoactive substances and organic mental disorders are not admitted.

Rules for admitting a patient to the Ward:

Patients are admitted to the Day Care Department of Neurosis on the basis of a referral issued by a psychiatrist or a doctor of another specialty. In order to assess the legitimacy of referral, consultation with a branch employee is required. You can make an appointment by calling +48 71 784 16 43 (to the ward doctor) or +48 71 784 16 10 (registration), where you can leave a contact number. The main purpose of consultation is to determine whether treatment in the Ward will be therapeutically beneficial for the applicant and whether he is ready to participate constructively in the treatment process. Consultations take place in room 3, on the 4th floor of the building of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Warsaw, located at wybrzeże Pasteur 10. The entrance to the Department is located at the back of the building, from the parking lot.

Therapeutic groups start at the beginning of January, April, July and October. However, please do not report too late, because the number of places in the therapeutic group is limited and they are allocated to people in the order of consultation.

Rules and course of therapy

The basic condition for participating in psychotherapy in the Daytime Treatment of Neurosis is attendance and readiness to talk about yourself and listen to others. You do not have to prepare in any way for a group psychotherapy session, we do not talk about the topics asked. The basic assumption is the spontaneity of speaking within the framework defined by the principles of therapy. However, there may be situations in which we require the implementation of the so-called "Homework" and organizational involvement in the ward as part of the therapy.

The principles of therapy are set out in detail in the regulations. Above all, regular attendance, secrecy and openness are required. Sobriety and refraining from making important life decisions during therapy are also required. Based on experience, we can say that the most common reason for discharge from the ward before the end of therapy is exceeding the limit of absence.

During the therapy two periods are distinguished. For the first 2-3 weeks, group participants tell their biographies. Then the period begins with more pronounced therapist activity. There are always 2 or 3 psychotherapists in the group and 1-2 therapists trainees observing the course of therapy and conducting some classes. On the first day, all patients are examined by a doctor, whose advice can be used throughout the therapy. During treatment in the Department of Treatment of Neurosis, the Department physician assumes responsibility for pharmacological treatment and treatment of somatic diseases. During this time you cannot participate in any other form of psychotherapy.


In addition to clinical work for the benefit of patients, there are didactic classes in psychiatry and clinical psychology for the 6th year students of the Medical Faculty of the Medical University. There is also postgraduate didactics in psychiatry, implemented in the form of specialization and clinical internships for psychologists, resident doctors and doctors specializing in psychiatry and neurology. Ward patients may sometimes be invited to talk to students.

Branch staff

Branch manager

prof. dr hab. n. med. Joanna Rymaszewska, specialist psychiatrist


dr hab. n. med. Krzysztof Małyszczak, specialist psychiatrist, psychotherapy supervisor - Deputy Head of Department


Anna Moszczyńska, MA, a psychodynamic psychotherapist in the certification process

Maciej Wójcik, graduated psychodynamic psychotherapist in the certification process

Maja Biała, PhD, psychodynamic psychotherapist in the certification process (parental leave)


Julia Houszka, MA