Department of Psychiatry
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Dear English Division Students!

All information about psychiatry training is available below.

Every V th year Student (Medicine and Dentistry) is obliged to have individual Attendance card which will be necessary to get credit for the class! The card of obligatory credits should be downloaded from this website.

Signing the Internship book.
Page 17 - teacher in the last class. In order to collect the remaining signatures, please leave it in room 0.12 (Mr. Józef Zając).


Recommendations for students and employees of the Wrocław Medical University concerning the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection


Syllabus 6th year medicine 

Detailed schedule for 6th year 2021/2022

Attendance card for medicine 6th year


Syllabus 5th year medicine

Detailed schedule for 5th year 2021/2022

Lecture schedule for the 5th year 2021/2022

Attendance card for medicine 5th year



If you have any questions about psychiatry training (change of group, make up of exercise) please contact with Monika Kantorska-Janiec, MD, PhD (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

INTERNSHIP BOOK Practical Clinical Training

The signatures in the internship book should be collected in the following order:

  1. dr Monika Kantorska-Janiec
  2. Prof. Joanna Rymaszewska