Department of Psychiatry
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Congratulations to all those awarded during the inauguration of the new academic year, and in particular to the employees of the Department of Psychiatry:

- Mrs. Elżbieta Twardy, secretary of our Department of Psychiatry, who after 47 years in our Clinic received the Gold Medal for Long Service in the hands of the Minister of Health,

- dr Mateusz Łuc, who won first place in the Regional Initiative of Excellence competition for grants for PhD students and 50,000 for your research,

- Dr Paweł Gawłowski, an adjunct at the Faculty of Health Sciences and at the same time a paramedic at our psychiatric and psychogeriatric clinical ward, who received the Medal of the National Education Committee,

- Psychologist, MA Marta Duda-Sikuła, CWN international project manager and at the same time working with us in the international Cognisance project, which obtained funds from RID for conducting research in her doctoral dissertation,

- Dr. Marta Jakubczyk, MD, who received funds for training in transcranial brain stimulation at a prestigious center in London as part of the RID competition.

Once again, congratulations to all and encourage others to reach for their goals and dreams.


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